Monday, June 10, 2013


I know that the number ten may not mean much to you. 
But to me it's one hellava nice number. 

Ten is the number of words that my sweet baby boy said to me this morning while we were getting ready for work/daycare.  My 15 month old is moving right along in the vocab department and Mommy couldn't be happier.

Actually it was just last week that I said to his babysitter "Owen really hasn't been saying many words.  Shouldn't he be kind of talking by now?"  She smiled and said that he talks all of the time and says quite a few decipherable words.  Boys' got a mouth like his mama. 

Sure enough...the next day I began to pay more attention to him as he babbled and there were actual words coming out of that cute little mouth of his.  Now usually he doesn't like being treated like a circus animal and will not say words on command.  This morning he sang a new song.

As I changed his diaper and got him dressed he repeated after me and with each word that came, a smile and clapping followed.

At 15 months Owen can say the following 10 words: mama, dada, papa (which is actually puppy), pop pop, GG, ball, baby, Elmo, shoe, and choo choo (which means train). 

I know that there will come a day when I will wish he wasn't such a talker, but for now, I will enjoy the sweet sound of his toddler words and constant babble of sentences that only he can understand.

And what post would be complete without a photo of my lil' tot.