Monday, January 7, 2013

Wild and Wonderful.

This weekend we got to take a little getaway to our sister's cabin at Snowhoe, WV.  Just a few hours away, we packed the car up full of baby, dog, and crap and were on our way.
A weekend of relaxation and beautiful views was just what the doctor ordered.

It was frigid 18 degrees.

While Darren went out to shred some powder, Owen and I stayed in to tend to the fire.  It's a hard life, I know.......  But someone's gotta do it.
After some relaxation by the fire, a morning jolt of Diet Coke, and a little reading, we were ready to go.

Once Darren came in, we bundled Owen up for his first excursion in the snow.  I am perfectly aware that he will soon be on a board following his daddy down the mountain, but for now we stuck strictly to the "bunniest" of slopes.  The ole' red sled did just the trick.
He loved it!
Even Burton went along for the family excursion in the snow.
And Mommy got some good pictures to add to the Memory Box.

And then we stopped to take some goofy pictures.  Can't let a trip go by without capturing the honest moments of our simple little life.

Why can't this picture be lighter...uggh.

We had dinner in the village and it was blustery cold, but so beautiful.

And then we waited....and waited..... for the shuttle to pick us up.

Finally back and ending the night by the fire with wine in hand.  What could be better?  And yes, those are the same pants I was wearing this morning.  Judge away.

All in all.....a great weekend in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE all the pics! Glad y'all had a nice relaxing getaway! XOXO