Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fast Forward

I have never been one to wish my life away, but this 2ww (two week wait) thing is for the birds.  If AF is going to make her appearance, why can't she just do it so that we can move on?  My temps are still up so I tested again this morning, 12 DPO, and sitting there staring at me was a stark white stick.  It is so disheartening!

I know in my heart that it is still early, and my temps still look good, blah blah blah, but last time I got to read that sweet little word "pregnant" on 12 DPO.  And according to Fertility Friend, 63% of women get a positive pregnancy test by 12 DPO.  Guess I am not included in that population.

hmph!  Rant over (for today, at least)!

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