Monday, June 27, 2011

5 weeks

According to my LMP, I am 5w4d today.  It has been a pretty uneventful week symptom wise.  I  have been absolutely exhausted and went to bed before the sun went down last night (and that's after 2 daytime naps).  My boobs are pretty sore, but only on the outsides.  They tend to hurt more at night.  The bloating has gone down just a little.  Last week, I couldn't even keep my pants buttoned.  I go pee just a tad bit more than normal.  So all in all...not too bad.

Speaking of symptoms.....this morning, I had to speed into the parking lot of  Sheetz, run in, and puke in the nasty gas station bathroom.  Sign of pregnancy?  Not sure.  I feel much better now.

We told D's sister and BIL this past weekend.  We thought for sure that they would figure it out when I wasn't drinking, but much to our surprise, we had to come out and tell them.  D made the announcement as we were walking by Babies R Us in Union Square.  They were very excited.

Last night we came home from NJ/NYC and told D's parents.  I didn't really get the reaction that I was hoping for, but I guess they are still a little "gun shy" about the whole thing.  No one wants to get their hopes up and have them destroyed, but I HAVE to live each day as I am pregnant.  If I don't, I will drive myself bonkers worrying about what may happen.  YES, I am scared to death....but TODAY I am pregnant.  I am enjoying this gift that God gave to us.

First appointment is on Wed July 6th.  I will be 6w6d.  Fingers crossed that everything will be perfect.

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About Mrs. G said...

you're doing great, momma! can't wait to see your growing belly!