Friday, June 17, 2011

Back From Break

This month has been nothing short of wonderful.  We decided to take a step back from TTC for a while and I even went on vacation without my thermometer...crazy, I know....  I didn't even know what CD I was on.  And then it hit me....

I was working from home last Wed (which I later found out was CD21 when I felt the tell tale signs of ovulation (for me at least).  I was bloaty and kind of crampy.  I thought, maybe just maybe my body is doing its thing.  I went out and bought a few OPK's and to my happy knowledge, the first one was positive! 

As much as I wanted to take it easy, I could not.  We started sexn' it up and the next morning....that purple mainstay, Mr. Thermometer, was back on top of my nightstand.  I am now 8 DPO and my chart definetly shows that I ovulated.  Did you hear me???  I OVULATED ON MY OWN.....WITHOUT CLOMID!  I ovulated on my own and on CD22.  :)

I guess this throws a little kink in our plans to move ot IUI next month.  If I am ovulating on my own, we are going to attempt a couple more months.  What's a couple of months when we would be saving lots of money and not being on fertility meds?

So, fingers crossed.  We shall see.....

I will leave you with a few pictures from our nice relaxing vacation to Florida in May.

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