Monday, May 9, 2011

Was He Talking To Me????

D and I went to church yesterday to watch one of our cousin's baby's dedication.  Now, I spent most of my teenage years in a church that I loved.  When I came to live in VA, I could not find a church that lived up to my expectations, lame..I know.... so I didn't go.  D's family doesn't really go to church all that often and he has pretty much refused to go with me even though I tell him that he can wear jeans.  haha...gotta get him in there somehow.

Well, yesterday, I go him to go with the whole family.  It was a really great contemporary church that had a laid back way.  The sermon was all about letting go of your burdens so that you can get through your sorrows.  There was a song that was supposed to be cute and funny, but it made me cry.  It was about a woman that lost her keys and got a ticket on her way to work.  How does that relate to me?  Well, I took it to the bigger picture.  The chorus talked about how we can get so caught up in "our" big ol mess, that we forget that we are so so blessed.  I truly need to remind myself of this each and every day!

D and I may be going through the roughest of rough times right now, but we are SO SO blessed!  We have an amazing life right here in front of us.  It is passing us by while we are wrapped up in infertility and loss. 

I don't know if God was talking directly to me or not, but I want to say "God, I heard you....loud and clear.  I know that you have a plan for us and although I cannot promise that I will let go completely, I will try my hardest to be patient.  I know that you will continue to bless us in ways that we never knew imaginable".

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Aime32 said...

This journey is a tough one for anyone. It even makes you think that maybe this was in all of our destined paths to go through this. I believe it will all make us that much better of a parent. GL to you