Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Diaper Debate

I have been toying for a while about what I wanted to do in the diaper department.  I know what most of you are thinking....disposable all the way!!!  But what you may not realize is all of the benefits that come along with cloth diapering.

1. They are not our mother's diapers.  When I first thought of cloth diapering, I was imagining white cloth, safety pins, and vinyl covers.   Not so much.... they do still have those, but wait till you see these dipes!

Aren't they just the cutest?  These are made by Bum Genius and are an All in One diaper, meaning that it is exactly like a put it on baby's butt, snap it and go.  Easy peasy!

2. Babies in disposable diapers go through thousands of diapers while the are pre- potty.  Can you image how many of these disgusting diapers are just laying around in land fills?  Not a pretty thought!  With cloth, you just wash and reuse.  You can reuse not only for this baby but for future babies as well...just imagine the possibilities!

3. Speaking of washing the diapers, I know that it sounds gross and you are all probably saying ewwww...out loud, but really it's not that bad.  They make this great little gadget called a diaper sprayer that attaches to the piping on your toilet and you just spray it right off and send it to the washer.  It's are going to be washing poop NO MATTER WHAT!!  Check this out....

3. Can you imagine wearing plasticy underwear? How uncomfortable would that be?  Cloth diapers are soft and absorbent.  Baby is more comfortable and from what I have heard, diaper rash goes down to a minimum.  Yay soft baby butt!

4. This is the most important of all....the COST SAVINGS!  Parents with babies in disposable diapers will end up spending about $2k throughout the length of diaper days.  Holy crap that's alot of money!  Cloth diapers are about $17 a pop.  I figure that I would need about 20-25 of them total (this would put me at washing them every other day or so) which would end up being approx. $425 for the length of diaper days.  Throw in a little more for the cost of washing and you are still way below the thousands of dollars for disposables.

Check out this chart that breaks it down:  Cloth vs. Disposable Chart

Also Check out these mommas that cloth diaper their tots and love it!

With all of that being said....YES disposables are easier.  YES I would still need to use them at times.  YES I would need to get D on board with it.  But, I am falling off of the fence onto the cloth diaper side very quickly!

What are your thoughts on it?  I would like to know if you have experience with it or not....


Mrs. G said...

Good points. If you go for it you'll be my hero! I hope you are getting some rest :)
You better start linking up at Kidding Around Friday soon!

mrs.monica and family said...

I very much respect those of you that take on cloth diapering. I really wish I could. I'm all for a greener alternative, hence why I tend my own garden of food, but being a working mom who sends her LO to her MIL, I just couldn't ask her to get on board with that. She barely is on board with our baby signing. I'll take what I can get.
New follower from Kidding around Friday. Would love a follow back!
BTW, congrats! I went through 2 miscarriages and a difficult pregnancy with SIF.

Ya Never Know said...

All my friends are pushing for us to go with cloth diapers, but I'm not really in to it, and DH wants to have nothing to do with it. If I were to take on cloth diapering, DH said he'd refuse to change the baby (because he is a big baby, lol), and I don't want to give him any excuse not to do his fatherly duties. haha

e and w said...

Thanks for the link :) I'm tickled you found my info useful!

And trust me, before I made our cloth decision, I thought it was nuts too (and so did my husband). But it is SO easy, worth it, and you'll love it!

For anyone with husbands against cloth, we've never had one poop blowout so that's something to think about. and unless you're doing the wash, they're exactly like disposables. My husband now swears by them - it's so cute when he talks them up around our friends.

Good luck with your fluff :)