Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Blessed

Everyone always said before I got pregnant...just wait, you will get so many "hand me downs" ....and boy were they right!  I am only 15 weeks and already have things being given to me. 

I have gotten 2 pack n' plays (they are not the cutest, but I will be taking one to Grandma and Grandpa's house and then I guess I will just use the other one when we go out and about or something), a bumbo chair (it's blue, so if we have a girl, I will just buy a cover for it), a crib (we haven't seen it yet, but IT'S FREE for goodness sakes), a high chair, my nephews infant car seat with 3 bases, and a Medela breast pump.  Can you belive that?  I also have quite a bit of clothes lined up.  We are just waiting to see what this little one will be before loading up on those.

I have been told by many people to be careful what you accept as "hand me downs", afterall...you don't want to just take on someone else's junk.  But what is the ok thing to say when you want to turn down someone's kindness?  I might not have it in me....

I am truly blessed to have so many people around that care so much about me and D and want to help us out in whatever way they can!  Now, if I could just get someone to "hand me down" some free babysitting services.  :)

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