Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing catch up.....

It's been quite some time since I posted my weekly belly shots. We are definetely seeing a cute little baby bump arise and I am ecstatic about it! It is one of the only symptoms that I have to let me know that this little baby is growing. The whole process is amazing! We go on Thursday for a cervix check and we are hoping and praying that little Poppy will show his/her junk. We are so ready to know so that we can start buying gender specific things (or things in general) and I want to have the name out in the open. Not sure if we will find out or not, but I will be almost 16 weeks and as long as Poppy cooperates, we should be able to see something, or a lack of something.

I will leave you with my 14 and 15 week shots. Preface: I don't know why I always look like I am concentrating really hard...I guess I haven't mastered the self portrait yet. Maybe I will start having D take them for me so I can at least look normal. :)

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e and w said...

what a cute tiny bump :)

Mrs. G said...

Squeeeee! You are SO BLOODY CUTE! I love that baby bump. Almost makes me want another....almost.

Can't wait to "meet" baby J!