Monday, October 10, 2011

Crib Assembly = No fighting!!

This weekend we finally got around to assembling the crib.  Everyone warned us.... don't put the crib together together, it will only end in a fight.  I am proud to say that assembly is completed and we are still married. hahhaha....

Maybe it's because I let Darren do it while I took some alot pictures.

He wasn't too happy when I asked him to pause for a quick smile.  It didn't help that my flash took about 10 seconds and it took about 3 "takes" before I got the picture without him moving.

Here it is all put together!!!  I love it and can't wait to get my bedding on it!

This is the matching dresser and just a few things that Owen has waiting for him.

Next stop....PAINT!  Let's get this thing going!

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Ya Never Know said...

Love your baby furniture! We're hoping to find out the sex of our baby this week so that we can decorate too! The crib that DH likes looks a lot like yours, except it's a dark brown/black. We're still fighting over what colour the crib will be (I want white), so I can't wait until we try to put it together! Because we NEVER fight over things like that.. haha ;) I'm hoping we buy it used and it's already partially assembled. :)