Saturday, November 12, 2011


I know, I's been awhile and that is oh so dissapointing to my "26" followers... Sorry, I have been busy and blogging is well, kind of like going to the gym. How you ask? Well, once you get out of the habit of doing it, it's just easier not to. So, I am biting the bullet and although I am not getting my ass in gear at the gym, I will try to burn some calories with my super fast lightning speed typing fingers. ;)

With that said, here I am at 23 weeks. You will have to excuse the sweat pants with the dressy shirt. These days as soon as I get home from work, the pants come off and the sweat pants go on. My belly needs to breathe!

Things are going really well! Our last appt was last week and Owen weighed in at 1 full pound! Can you believe it? My baby's getting so big...sniff sniff.... I am up 8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, which I know to some is REALLY good, but I have gained 2 of those pounds in the last 3 days, so....where does that leave me for the last 17 weeks of my pregnancy? Hopefully not overweight.

He is still a mover and I swear sometimes he's having a dance party in there. I get so tickled sometimes, it's such a funny feeling. But as funny as it feels, it is the most amazing feeling that I have ever had. To be able to feel this child growing inside of me is truly incredible. Darren is finally able to feel Owen moving on most nights and it's so nice to just spend time together as a family enjoying this new life that we have created. Even Burton joins in sometimes... :)

OK, I guess that is enough catch up! Next week is a special week....I am so excited! Stay tuned.
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mama foosa said...

Lookin good! Try not to stress about the weight jumps - mine was so sporadic at times. It all evens out and it will all come off :)

And I remember those lazy times in bed with the hubby just feeling baby move. So sweet! Enjoy those times :)