Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A little behind as usual, but here is my 25 week update.

Things are still going great! I had my 1 hour Glucose test on Wed and surprisingly, the juice was not that bad! I had prepared for the worst, so ..... The worst part was the hour that I had to wait to get poked and proded. While I was waiting, I got to meet with Dr. C. I am up 11 lbs pre-pregnancy. "Not too bad" if I say so myself... The scary thing is that I am packing on the pounds now and I mean quick! At this rate, I will be about 80 lbs overweight by the time Owen decides to come.

According to The Bump, Owen is the size of an eggplant. An eggplant????? Those things are HUGE....... I can't believe that! How can something that big be in my little belly bump?

He is still moving around like crazy, but I am so glad that he is. It is so nice to have the reassurance that he is still in there and moving as he should. Helps to ease some of the anxiety.

I have started getting a little bit of heartburn, but nothing too bad. Nothin' a little Tums can't cure.... I am very thankful for that!

Sleep is still going ok if you minus the crazy ass dreams and the frequent bathroom trips.

All in all...I am still going to classify myself into the "blessed" category for pregnancy symptoms.

The bump..... (this was Thanksgiving Day before the Turkey feast)

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mama foosa said...

You look fab! Hope you had a good thanksgiving :)

Don't stress the weight! :)