Monday, November 14, 2011

Back on the fence

One thing that you will learn about me as you follow my journey is that I am one of the most indecisive people that you will ever "meet".  I posted a while ago about my desire to use cloth diapers on my little Owen's bottom.  I was Gung Ho about it and even went ahead and purchased 5 Bum Genius one size fits all gently used on Craigslist.  I got the diapers in the mail and after the excitement of how cute they were faded away, the fear set it....why? 

I was scared to use them, I was scared to wash them, I let the nay-sayers get to me.....  So, what'd I do?  I re-sold them.  :(  At least they hold their value and I got what I paid for them back.  :)

There is so much to it all: special soap, special diaper cream, special wipes.....  It really is scary to take the leap over to the "cloth side".  But lately, the more and more I think about it, it really is good for the baby, the environment, and most of wallet.

I have been following blogs of cloth diaper mommies for some time now and am so inspired by their choices.  So with that, I guess I will sit on the fence a little while longer (until I get pushed one way or the other).  Darren will be so upset when I tell him that I am back on the band wagon, but oh well.....


Ya Never Know said...

It's probably better to wait until your LO gets here to decide anyway. I'm not going to CD our LO, but I have friends who have CD'd theirs, and they didn't start using them until their babies were around the 2-3 month mark. In the beginning, it can be a real mess and just easier to use disposables... but once the poop gets a little easier to deal with, then it makes CD'ing easier.

Also, different diapers fit babies differently. If you wait until your LO arrives, you can usually get trial CD's from places that sell them so that you can try all the different kinds and work with what fits for your baby.

All that to say that waiting until your LO gets here is probably the best time to decide what you want to do! lol

mama foosa said...

You do have plenty of time to decide. But I agree it is VERY scary at first, you're not alone :)

They're absolutely do-able though and you and your husband will probably end up loving them. I also agree that sposies are easier the first couple weeks anyway. GL with your decision!